We Both Code is a Salesforce Blogpage Started By Paarth Jolly And Sarbjeet Heera .

We first met during a Job in Chandigarh and was thinking to start a Blog from last one year But didn’t get chance too.

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Sarbjeet Heera

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Sarbjeet heera is working as a  Senior Salesforce Developer in Manras technology, Chandigarh .

He is salesforce certified developer and also active member in Salesforce Chandigarh Developer group.

He has 80+ trailhead badges and You can simply call him a ‘Integration Specialist ‘ and Salesforce Evangelist.

He has hands on experience on :

Configuration and Customization of Salesforce.com.
Working with Data Loader and Import Wizard.
Design and development of Visualforce Pages, Components and Controllers.
Writing Apex Classes, Apex Triggers, Batch Apex, Schedule Apex.
Writing SOQL queries in Apex.
Writing Test Classes.
Tested Visualforce Pages for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, IE9, IE10, IE11 and for other mobile devices.
Talend Integration for salesforce with any Database SQL,MS SQL SERVER etc
CLIQ Integration with salesforce to any database
Single Visualforce Page with Remote Object Model.

You can connect with him through 

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Paarth Jolly


I am Paarth Jolly 21- year- old guy with bag of dreams to consummate and face the world.

I am a Salesforce Developer/Consultant/Geek/Evangelist,loving & living Salesforce since 2015 and a Student

If you are somewhere around Chandigarh ,Join us at Chandigarh DUG to learn,share & succeed together –
Salesforce Developer Group Chandigarh

I love to blog :

Salesforce Apex Programming Essential Series for Beginners :

I have always been inspired by a way of living-an authentic way of living that accolades grace, resplendency and salubrious experience.

Each blog has my perspective which can collide with any one but all you require to just optically discern inside depth of heart and find the truth revealing your life through your inditement.

You can connect with him through 

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