Engagement History in Pardot

Track prospect engagement in Salesforce to see how your leads and contacts engage with your marketing assets, and view other prospect activities from Salesforce.

You can access and interact with data as follows.

* Create custom report types that include campaigns and associated marketing assets.
* Add the Engagement Metric Lightning component on connected campaign page layouts.
* Add Engagement Metric fields and related lists on connected campaign page layouts.
* View basic engagement metrics from campaign list views.
* Embed a chart from a campaign report on connected campaign page layouts.
* Add the Engagement History Lightning component to lead and contact page layouts to view a prospect’s Pardot activities.

Reference : https://trailhead.salesforce.com/en/content/learn/modules/pardot-specialist-maintenance-spring19/maintain-your-pardot-specialist-cert-spring19?trail_id=maintain-your-salesforce-certifications